Top Ten IOS Applications For Online Marketing

After the rise in social media, marketing has taken on a new dimension. Social media marketing campaigns are now responsible for a good share of the marketing policies of companies. Marketer’s makes huge profits from online marketing campaigns.

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After the rise in social media, marketing has taken on a new dimension. Social media marketing campaigns are now responsible for a good share of the marketing policies of companies. Marketers make huge profits from online marketing campaigns. To become a successful online marketer, one needs to be constantly updated with the latest trends, should know how to do analyses and calculating the results of the current campaigns. To achieve this there is a host of mobile applications available. These applications allow the user to plan out and conduct an effective marketing campaign on the go.

Here is a list of the best applications available on the iOS for Online Marketing.


hootsuit IOS app

Hootsuite is perhaps the most comprehensive application you will find for social media marketing. It keeps your social media presence active, by scheduling your updates the way you desire. It finds, manages and allows you to share the most compelling content. It also marks down the trending topics, allowing you to respond accordingly. It presents you with the analysis of your marketing campaign with statistics such as views, upvotes, comments etc. It allows you to share content with your team members quite easily. This app is equipped to cater to nearly every need of an online marketer.


buffer logo

Buffer is a platform made for managing your online marketing content through a range of feedbacks. It allows the user to schedule posts, tweets, etc. This makes sure your marketing campaign continues without any break. It allows you to monitor the feedback you receive on your posts or tweets. This helps you edit or update your content accordingly. It allows you to save and bookmark online content that you might need to go back to. It’s one of the best application for those looking to boost their online marketing campaigns.


nibble IOS app

Nimble is an application for building and maintaining online relationships. As a marketing professional, it is necessary to have complete information about the people you connect with. It unifies all information about people from social media platforms, professional accounts, and many other sources. It provides you a report of the contacts in your email lists, contacts and address book. This application provides an invaluable resource to all marketing professionals.


pop IOS app

A marketing professional has to keep thinking of creative ideas for marketing. Pop is an innovative interactive application. It allows you to store your ideas easily. You can organise them in any way you want to. The application creates a workflow in all the possible ideas so that you can view those in a coordinated manner. This is a very useful application in the planning phase of a marketing campaign.



Yelp is a great app for local businesses to promote themselves in the digital space. You can upload photos of the business and update contact information as well as add links to your website. This easily increases the website traffic as well as promotes your business on a better level. This app also allows you to read and reply to customer reviews. It is always beneficial for businesses to stay in contact with consumers. Yelp allows you to do that in a simple and quick way.



It is a geo-targeted application just like Yelp. It allows local businesses to promote themselves to prospective customers. Foursquare allows the customers to find those companies that can provide them the services they are interested in easily. It allows you to connect with your customers closely. This increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaign along with boosting your business.



AnalyticsPro is one of the top applications for campaign analysis. The prime focus of this app is to create detailed reports on the impacts of your online marketing campaign. These reports are systematically divided into eight categories. This provides the marketer with a clear insight into the effectiveness of his campaign. This helps marketers to plan their next working strategies accurately. This application has it’s new updated versions also which offers some more additional features.

Google analytics

Google analytics IOS APP

Google Analytics is one of the most reliable analytics applications available. It generates metric reports for your marketing campaigns. These metric reports are updated in real-time, keeping the marketer well updated. It also allows you to generate custom reports with any combination of metric data. One can analyse these reports to plan out the marketing strategies for maximum impact.


mailchimp1 APP

This application is specifically for email marketing campaigns. You can create templates for your emails. Here you can receive analytic reports on the impact created by your emails. You can see how many people open your emails and click on the links provided.  It also builds a contact list from your address book. It can be automatized for certain functions such as welcoming messages in your emails. It keeps you updated on the current trends on the internet. Thus, it is a comprehensive tool for those relying on email marketing campaigns.


Visible app icon app

Social media marketers need to know what people are currently interested in. This app allows it’s user to view topics that are trending. This allows online marketers to change their content accordingly and to get maximum attention from their online community.

These applications together can serve every need of an online marketing professional. Use of these applications will keep the marketer up to date, as well as give valuable feedback to help them plan their next move. However, this list is not conclusive and there may be many other viable alternatives to these apps as well.

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