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Wireframing Tools And Prototyping What is Wireframe? A Wireframe is a visual representation of a site or mobile application. It is also known by an … Read more

Mobile App Marketing

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Top Ten IOS Applications For Online Marketing

After the rise in social media, marketing has taken on a new dimension. Social media marketing campaigns are now responsible for a good share of the marketing policies of companies. Marketer’s makes huge profits from online marketing campaigns.

Android Apps

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10 Best Android Apps That Are Incredibly Powerful

As cashless transactions gain popularity, Google brings you its own payment app. which communicates directly with your bank servers, eliminating the need for an e-wallet. It makes transactions utterly simple. It allows payments through portals as well as direct bank transfers. This app has huge everyday utility.

Pinterest ad campaign

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Guide To Set-up Pinterest Ad Campaign Account

Pinterest is a well known social media platform that allows people to share images, infographics and videos associated with business services and products. You can also consider Pinterest ad one of the Bookmarking tool, because it is like a web based pinboard or bulletin board with much more functionality.