Top 10 Brand Examples

A brand is everything that embodies your business. It is more than just the logo – it is also the customer service, product quality, and even your personality, among other factors. Many companies rate poorly …

Brand Examples

A brand is everything that embodies your business. It is more than just the logo – it is also the customer service, product quality, and even your personality, among other factors. Many companies rate poorly when it comes to branding, but some are examples of success.

Top 10 Trending and Popular Brands

1. Apple

Apple’s devices generally come second to no other. Their phones, iPods, PCs, and other devices offer the power, memory, and technology that clients are looking for in an era characterized by rapid technological development. However, Apple is more than just about the product – its whole brand is a sort of lifestyle characterized by elegance and cutting-edge technology.
Unsurprisingly, Apple is the leading company in its niche. It continues to attract more customers in spite of its expensive pricing.

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola allegedly sold less than 100 bottles during its first year of operation. It is one of the most successful companies today with billions of customers around the world. Its brand is popular for the taste of its soda lines. Lately, however, the company has been challenging the unhealthy attributes associated with its products including coming up with new special sodas.

3. Nike

Nike has come under numerous allegations of cheap sourcing labor from third world countries. However, it is still popular because it has managed to convince its clients that it cares more about their welfare than it does about money. The most outstanding characteristics of its brand are the quality of its products (many people are willing to cough up thousands of dollars for Nike shoes), uniqueness, and athleticism.

4. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is all over the world today. It has been repeatedly criticized for selling unhealthy foods, but billions of people still choose it over other fast-food companies thanks to its brand. It is especially popular for selling delicious foods at bargain prices. Lately, however, it has been offering healthier food options in a bid to improve its reputation standing, and this is playing well for its brand too.

5. Tesla

Tesla has lately been having a bad run, but it is still holding its head up high. It has emerged as the symbol of electronic cars for the bold steps it has taken. The company is known for developing advanced technologies not only in the auto industry but also in space travel. It employs the best technology in its vehicles. It targets the high-end market, and its marketing campaigns are more responsive than most.

6. UPS

UPS has been around for years. It was here before FedEx came around, and it still retains most of its popularity. It operates on cheaper budgets than its competitors, but it has built its brand on reliability and affordability. UPS also seems to acknowledge its position and does not make astronomical promises like its competitors.

7. General Electric

General Electric is another company that has been around for decades. It is also still one of the dominant companies in its industry. It has built its brand on diversity – the company produces just about everything electric. Its products are also popular for their quality and durability. The company lasted for so long because of its brand.

8. Disney/Pixar

Disney outdoes many other companies in its industry by far. It has built a reputation and brand as an all-inclusive company that produces films ideal for both adults and kids. What’s more, its films are made by the best talent in the industry,and its studios use the latest technology. This helps them to come up with flawless movies that seem almost realistic. Its main anchor, however, is its child-friendly approach to the film industry.

9. Visa

Visa is used by billions of people all over the world on a daily basis. It is the trusted money transfer method of choice for most people. It has to be reliable considering that it is used to transact billions of dollars every day. However, its brand is built on reliability – Visa services are not only available 24/7, but the company also has a global presence that makes local as well as international transactions simple.

10. Uber

Uber has also been trending on shaky ground over the recent past, but its future still seems bright. The company has built its brand around reliability and affordability. It has been thorough in its marketing campaigns to ensure that there is an Uber driver everywhere to provide services when needed at a friendly price. The company also acts swiftly to solve any problems, and its services have been getting better over time.

Bottom Line

A business is as good as its brands. The biggest companies in the world are popular for what they are, not what they sell. These are some examples of how far a good brand can propel you.

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